Photo of the Day: Late Afternoon At Cagsawa

Photo of the Day

Late Afternoon At Cagsawa
Image by Storm Crypt
On Explore/Flickr Top 500, Nov. 8, 2008

It was almost twilight, but seeing that the clouds over Mt. Mayon cleared up, it would be impractical to stay at Legazpi City and call it a day. And so, back in Cagsawa just before dusk.

About two centuries ago, this place was a smoldering scene, one of the hardest hit towns of a major eruption. The church was almost completely buried, the major structure left is this bell tower. During that 1814 eruption, hundreds of people were buried alive — those who seek refuge inside the church. Refuge inside the church — reminds me of some story of faith — that when asking help from God, one should also use his brain to think about it. But anyway, yes, a lot of people were buried alive, then, and all of them are still under this hallowed grounds.

I have been here before, but not at this time of day. It was decided to wait for the night, maybe I can see the burning summit, and Mt. Mayon at dusk.

Cagsawa Ruins
Albay, Philippines


To get here from wherever you are in the world, take a flight to Manila. If your airport doesn’t have direct flights to Manila, you can try flying to Asia’s Major hubs, you can fly to Tokyo(Japan), Singapore, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, or Taipei. Then take a flight to Manila. Once in Manila, you can take a 45 minute flight to the City of Legaspi, province of Albay. You can then take taxi or tricycles(motorbikes withe sidecars), to this place. Its about 15 minutes from the airport.

Coordinates: 13.1657 N 123.7011 E

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