Photo of the Day: Miag-ao, Iloilo

Photo of the Day

Miag-ao, Iloilo
Image by ~MVI~ (warped)
UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. The first church was built in 1731 near the Tumagbok River three years before the arrival of the first Spanish priests. Moro pirates burned this in 1741 and another one was built in 1746. This was again looted and burned by marauding pirates and another one was built in 1787 this time on top of a hill called Tacas. The church was designed to serve as a fortress against frequent pirate raids and has withstood typhoons and earthquakes. It underwent restoration work in 1869, was razed during the Philippine Revolution of 1898 and the Filipino-American War of 1899, rebuilt but was again damaged by fire in 1910, repaired and damaged again by fire during the Japanese occupation. The church sustained further damages during the 1948 earthquake and was restored immediately, again in 1960, and the latest under the supervision of the National Historical Institute. Related article at….

Olympus Camedia (FPOP Chapter Empowerment Committee Workshop, September 2005).

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