Photo of the Day: Out they Come… After the Rain

Photo of the Day

Out they Come… After the Rain
Image by Storm Crypt
Like all things in these earth(don’t get the conversation into a religious one, ok, I don’t need your zealotry, and part of what I’m saying is just a figure-of-speech), nothing lasts forever. And in this river, somehow it runs parallel(a bit perpendicular) to Newton’s once breakthrough discovery — What goes up, will go down, out here, what goes in to the east, goes out to the west — or the boatmen are accountable.

Shot taken near the boatdock, about 50 meters from the subterranean river entrance, and about 50 meters out to the open sea – South China Sea.

St. Paul Subterranean River
Puerto Princesa
Palawan, Philippines

(Attribution/credits above)



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