Photo of the Day: The Quiet Spectacle

Photo of the Day

The Quiet Spectacle
Image by Storm Crypt
Arriving early morning at white island can give you the most spectacular view. The light is warm and a little eerie, the clouds are dream like, the sea is more calm — and the best part of it? Insignificant students who waste their parents’ money on alcohol, smoking, drugs and partying aren’t there yet to destroy the view. I certainly wish they’ll drown on the way here. Nature’s always nice when its clean. I bet this country needs some cleansing too. There’s just too many bad eggs and seedlings these days — people who don’t even know the country’s history.

General map of Camiguin Province. (Satellite Map of Camiguin). White Island is along the northern coast. You can zoom in/out to locate Camiguin in reference to the world.

White Island
Camiguin, Philippines

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