Photo of the Day: Visayas, Philippines

Photo of the Day

Visayas, Philippines
Image by Andy*Enero
During the long August month-end weekend, I took a flight going back to my hometown in Davao from Manila. It was a dawn flight, and I knew I had to wake up at around 2AM in the morning to catch my 4AM flight. But at the back of my mind, I knew it would be a chance to view the sunrise from the plane.
Weather in Manila was bad. There was a typhoon and its still raining hard when I went to the airport and so the chance of viewing the sunrise grew slim. Still, I asked the ground attendant to put me on a seat on where I could see the sunrise from the window. She put on the last row where the wing would not be blocking my view.
It was quarter to five when I took a glance from the window and was surpised to find the sky so blue and clear and wisps of clouds, barely illuminated, floating below. We must be flying over the Visayas, halfway going to Mindanao. When the sun rose … it was the most amazing sight.. Isn’t God the most wonderful artist?

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