Photo of the Day: Would you want to Live Here?

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Would you want to Live Here?
Image by Storm Crypt
On Explore/Flickr Top 500, Mar 22, 2009

I remember this place so well. One of my best buddies live here(not exactly these houses, but within this area) until now. He’s a good real estate businessman. We often come to this village for his birthday party. Very secured place. In our younger years, we used to disassemble some of his assault rifles just for fun. We often hiked to the nearby mountain side (part of pardo), when we were like high school with our other good friends. And at one time Cafgus we’re running after us. We thought they were rebels so we eluded them, but they eventually caught up with us with their M-14s and M-1s pointed in our faces, and we were brought to the barangay hall and was later released. It was good to remember that. My buddy is now a pretty good businessman probably don’t have any intention of doing that again(he’s no longer physically fit to do that), except for me — and my other good friend — who’s a ranger officer who currently finds joy in being assigned to Basilan. He never lost the fire in him. hahaha. I didn’t too, but I got more interested in new technology.

Maria Luisa Village
Cebu City, Philippines

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