Let us all pray for the Nokor leader not to end our world*

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ABU Sayyaf’s landings and planned operations in Bohol, a Catholic dominated and culture-rich island province of the central Philippines, apparently signals the start of the bandits desecration of Christian sites in the Philippines similar to what the terrorist group ISIS did in sacred sites in Syria.

Was the marriage of a recently slain suspected Abu Sayyaf member to a ranking police official part of the group’s effort to gain a foothold in Christian dominated areas and “desecration” of the Philippine National Police? The police official, who is now in custody, reportedly gave aid to her alleged terrorist husband.

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Philippine security experts doubt that ISIS, despite its claim, is behind the recent bombing in Quiapo, Manila which left several people injured. They said ISIS is in the habit of claiming violent acts to project power and influence.

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There is nothing wrong with President Rodrigo Duterte’s alleged “breaching” of our traditional alliance with our former colonial masters, the US through our establishment of friendly relations with Russia and China. Former Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos, a well-known US ally and a West Pointer, does not see anything wrong with Pres. Duterte’s friendship with former communist Russia and socialist China provided that our self-professed socialist president respects the United Nations.

This is so because Russia and China are now the world’s big market economies. They are now capitalist states like the US.

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The Association of Southeast Asian Nations 30th summit in Manila over the weekend proved to be a five-star public relations gathering of ASEAN member states heads and a reiteration of its traditional policy of “non-interference” which was meant to preserve camaraderie and cooperation among member states.

Due to the non-interference policy, rifts caused by divisive issues like territorial disputes in the South China Sea and alleged human rights violations were avoided.

Well and good. ASEAN life goes on paving the way for better trading relations between the Philippines and other ASEAN member states.

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The brewing tension in the Korean peninsula is a powder keg waiting to be struck by lightning. The peninsula is on the verge of a nuclear war which could be started should Kim Jong-un unleashed his nuclear tipped missles on the US submarine and aircraft carrier USS Carl Vinson that are assembled off the coast of Korea.

Pyongyang is technically still at war with Seoul and Washington and their allies since the 1953 Panmunjom Truce only temporarily halted the Korean War.

Let us all pray for the Nokor leader not to end our world.

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Freeblance congratulates Filipina triathlete silver medalist of Singapore 2016 SEA Games’ Triathlon event Kim Mangrobang for making it again as part of the Philippine national triathlon team that will compete in 2017 SEA Games in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this August.

She recently qualified in time trial after bagging hard earned fifth place in women’s elite division of the Subic International Triathlon (SuBIT) over the weekend.


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